Caillou OS

Caillou OS is the New software from Baby Show OS Inc, it is an 32-bit Operating system For your computer. Enjoy a wide selction of programs, you can Browse the internet, Write documents, Paint pictures and More, All with Your favorite TV character Caillou!


How to use it

WARNING!! The OS is not guaranteed to work On every computer and emulator. In fact consider it a miracle If you can run it properly.

If using on emulator/Virtual machine, Some emulators work better than others, see the list:

If using on real hardware (And Do So At Your Own Risk!), it is recommended write the .flp file to a USB flash drive, you can do this with Programs such as Rufus in Windows, dd in linux, etc.

Usage Tips

Dont Press a key Or Move The Mouse While The Disk Is Being Accessed! This may Mess up your Keyboard/Mouse Input.

Hold B Key on startup to access Configuration Menu, here you can change settings such as Display resolution, PC Speaker Output, Timed Events.

If screen looks distorted, Try to reboot the system Until it goes Away.